Extent Reports

Beautifully crafted reports and realtime analytics so you can look at your tests in a totally different way.

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ExtentReports Library

With the ExtentReports library, you can create beautiful, interactive and detailed reports for your tests. Add events, screenshots, tags, devices, authors or any other relevant information you decide is important to create an descriptive and a stunning report that you can totally control.

Choose your format

ExtentReports library makes it a breeze to choose your reporters, be it HTML, Email or pushing data to MongoDB for Klov.

Flexbile, logger-style API

ExtentReports was created with flexbility and ease-of-use in mind. You can control how you log, how and where to attach screenshots, insert custom markup


You can individually customize each report template by specifying custom CSS and/or JavaScript via the configuration XML or directly from code.


Dashboard, Insights and Historical Analysis

All in One Place

Klov allows tracking each of your launches across all your projects. View and analyze how your test perform overtime, how each execution category has compares in detail, track exceptions, create topics for discussion or reminders and search entities from a host of options.

Multiple projects?

No problem! Klov is built from the ground-up to ensure you can manage all your projects easily.

Manage multiple projects

Manage all your projects with Klov. New projects can be created from the ExtentReports library when your tests, while builds continue aggregating under existing projects.

View and execute your Jenkins jobs

Klov let's you view all your Jenkins jobs, track their build history and even view execution logs for each build. You can also trigger/execute jobs and track their status from a single view.

Collaborate and track with Topics

Create topics and assign them to tests from any build and track them from a single view. Topics can be used as reminders or a collaborative feature for your team.

Test Attributes

Tag, Devices, Authors, Exceptions

Track how each category performs for your builds. You can visualize each category on the dashboard, and even track all of their launches and tests in a single view.

Search across all builds

Search tests by their name, status, execution date, attributes (tags, authors, devices), by exceptions raised, at different nested levels or by keywords in logs or events.

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